Gluten Free Mix Box

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Our Gluten Free Mix Box comes exactly the same as our normal one but without the Gluten or Wheat. 

The Mix Box is ideal for people that just can't choose one topping or want to sample of few of our brownies in one go.

We use a special sourced Gluten Free wheat which allows us to keep the brownie tasting just like our normal ones. 

The only difference that you will find is you are limited to certain toppings that don't include Gluten or Wheat these are:

  • Galaxy Original 
  • Plain
  • Turkish Delight 
  • Flake 
  • Crunchie  
  • Wispa Gold 
  • Aero Mint Bar 
  • M&M Chocolate 
  • M&M Peanut 
  • Milk Giant Buttons 
  • Freddo
  • Magic Stars 

All of our Gluten Free Brownies are made freshly baked to order and base ingredients include:

Gluten Free Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Butter and Chocolate. For a full list of ingredients please contact us. 

They contain the following Allergens


There may be traces of other allergens within the brownies, although we have extensive safety measures in place, we are still a kitchen that handles various foods, so we cannot guarantee any other allergens can be found within the brownies. 

Please get in contact if you have any questions regarding allergens before ordering.  

  • Reviews (16)
    Macey Davies

    My boyfriend has coeliac disease and his brownies were absolutely amazing and he loved them they managed to do be a box of 6 after me giving them nealry no notice at all so made up! With them definely reccomend xx

    Macy C

    Orderd twice now gluten free brownies amazing both times wispa gold is our personal best! Both been on time collection and delivery!


    I took advantage of the 3 for £5 gluten free brownies (I chose Daim, Crunchie and Turkish Delight) and was very pleasantly surprised with the product. The brownies were all delicious. Their texture was moist and light. Not the heavy usual gluten free brownies. They come nicely presented in a box and would make an ideal gift. I will definitely be buying them again … plenty of different flavours to try

    Day Tripper

    Ordered some mixed gluten Free brownies from here and I was not disappointed. The brownies are made to order and delivered fresh in a presentable box with a plastic seal to keep them fresh. I ordered 3 brownies topped with diam, crunchie and flake! They were all extremely delicious and not too overly sweet! It's nice to find fresh good quality gluten Free foods! I will be ordering from here again!

    Sarah Tidston

    I had been tagged in a post by my MIL, alerting me to a special offer by Blooming Brownies - £5 including postage for 3 Gluten Free brownies I really liked these brownies, they were an absolute delight. I will 100% order from them again. The texture is great, not grainy at all. The range of options to chose from is surprisingly extensive, I went for Wispa Gold, Plain, and Crunchie but there are so many more options. The information provided on the packaging is a nice touch, I like that they tell you when they were baked. They are super chocolate-y and the toppings are very generous. I did struggle to eat a full one at a time, I still did because I'm just like that but you could easily split one in half and it be enough to satisfy. As the info on the box suggested, after I ate the plain one, I put the others in the fridge to try them chewier and I do think I prefer them chilled. The brownies are usually £15 for a box of 6, which at first glance I would have said is a bit much but after trying them I'd say they are definitely worth the price (and actually they are on offer at £13.49 at the time of writing) And the fact they have the integrity as a business not to charge extra for the gluten free version is also rather refreshing. The customer service from Blooming Brownies is also top notch so major props to them for that too, you can really tell they care about customer satisfaction. Now I can't say that they are my favourite ever brownies (it's just my preference but I like a super gooey, oozey, chewy brownie and these are a little more on the cakey side) but they are definitely the best Brownies I've tasted that I haven't had to make myself and as I mentioned earlier, I will be ordering from them again - maybe get myself their Birthday Brownie when that time comes around. Fabulous service, great tasting product.

    Laura B

    Received my gluten free Brownies this morning after ordering Tuesday! I’ve not always been gluten free so was finding it difficult of the switch and have something to snack on without having to make it myself as all the good stuff in supermarkets fly of the shelves! They are perfect! 100% recommend!

    Angie C

    I ordered a box of gluten free Brownies for one of my minded children who was having a sleepover. She is a coeliac and we usually bake our own but I wanted to make the sleepover feel special. I also ordered a box of the non gluten-free brownies for the rest of the family. I was impressed with the choice- especially the GF choices which were more extensive than anticipated. Communication was excellent. Taste was excellent too. I’d definitely recommend and will definitely buy from again. Thank you

    Lisa Kelly

    Got these for my son who has coeliac disease as a treat. Oh my! they’re amazing. Everyone loved them. Would highly recommend and will be ordering again.

    Linda H

    Bought these as a treat for my mum. Mum said they where the nicest gluten free brownies she has tasted. Wouldn't have known they where gluten free. Delivery was prompt.

    Lin Head

    Ordered the Gluten free brownies as a treat for my mum. She said they where the nicest brownies she had ever had.

    Lauren May Benton

    Received my gluten free Brownies this morning after ordering Tuesday! I’ve not always been gluten free so was finding it difficult of the switch and have something to snack on without having to make it myself as all the good stuff in supermarkets fly of the shelves! They are perfect! 100% recommend!

    Angie Corlett

    Excellent service, great Brownies, reasonably priced. Gluten free available too. Very impressed. I will definitely order from here again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

    Caitlin Hilton

    Great variety, and even do gluten free!

    Helen O'Brien

    Our first order - gluten free mix, was fresh and tasted delicious. The brownies were very moist, and covered in delicious toppings. Our daughter was so pleased to be able to enjoy a tasty gluten free treat. A lovely present to the family for doing so well during lockdown. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

    Ceri Jones

    we had a delivery of the mixed box and also gluten free brownies. omg what can I say they were delicious the best brownies I've tasted in a long time. the gf brownies were so moist and you couldn't even tell the difference. will definitely be ordering again. thank u x

    Hate the Gluten

    I am always hesitant when ordering a gluten free product as most of the time there is something lacking in a product. Not with Blooming Brownies the brownies tasted delicious it tasted like a normal brownie should taste like - If you are not gluten free you wouldn't understand its like having a diet coke no matter what people say it is not the same as a normal one, that is the way normally for anything gluten free that tries to copy a non gluten product, not the case with Blooming Brownies! I recommend this to anyone who is gluten intolerant you wont be disappointed

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