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We offer a amazing tasting fluffy cupcake topped with a massive range of fondants, butter creams and chocolates.

These can be customised to suit any occasion.

These come in a box of 6 or 12 

Please leave in the notes any requirements needed - including the type of frosting and if it is for a set occasion, we will get in contact to discuss any of these further if needed including any toppers wanted. 

Toppings Available: 

  • Plain  Vanilla 
  • Plain Chocolate
  • Plain Rainbow 
  • Plain Set colour
  • Chocolate Flower Butter cream 
  • Rainbow Butter Cream 
  • Vanilla Flower Butter Cream 
  • Old School Cake 
  • Mars Bar 
  • Oreo 
  • Lotus Biscoff 
  • Malteser   
  • Turkish Delight
  • Kinder Bueno 
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 
  • Diam Bar
  • Flake
  • Crunchie
  • Twirl
  • Aero Mint
  • Smarties 
  • M&M Peanut 
  • Chocolate Buttons 
  • Caramac 
  • Pretzel
  • Peanut butter pretzel 
  • Milky Stars
  • Freddo 
  • White Button 
  • Milky Bar Kid 

All of our products are made freshly baked to order and base ingredients include:

Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Butter and Chocolate. For a full list of ingredients please contact us. 

They contain the following Allergens


There may be traces of other allergens within the brownies, although we have extensive safety measures in place, we are still a kitchen that handles various foods, so we cannot guarantee any other allergens can be found within the brownies. 

Please get in contact if you have any questions regarding allergens before ordering.